Specialist Lifting Equipment

Finch of Bookham is a leading company providing a wide range of specialist lifting equipment for plant and machinery handling and transport for nearly 100 years. Our comprehensive and versatile selection of cranes and transport vehicles guarantees efficiency and the capability to fulfil any requirements your machine-moving project may have.

Wide Range of Specialist Lifting Equipment

At Finch of Bookham, we offer a wide variety of specialist lifting equipment for your project, including spider cranes, gantries, cube jacks, forklift trucks and lorry loaders. No matter the size and scope of your project, we have an option for all your transport needs, including awkward, irregularly shaped or wide loads and heavy machinery. Our diversity and team of highly trained drivers mean we complete even the most unusual of tasks.

All our operators are trained to CPCS standards and have years of experience handling all types of machines in confined environments.

Our vehicles are equipped with lorry loaders from 5t/m to 66t/m with jib lengths up to 28m. The whole fleet of Finch vehicles comes equipped with a variety of lifting and moving equipment, including:

  • Machine skates
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Nylon slings
  • Hardwood timbers


We offer site-specific surveys to assess your project and determine the required equipment. Additional specialist lifting equipment, including aluminium, steel and hydraulic gantries up to 60 tonnes, skoots, hydraulic tirfors, electric and manual chain blocks, spreaders and lifting cradles, are always readily available in our tackle sheds when required.

Our Specialist Equipment

At Finch of Bookham, we are always adding to our wide range of lifting and moving equipment. Our wide range of specialist equipment currently includes:

Spider Cranes​

Spider cranes are commonly used to lift and move heavy loads in areas with limited access. Our Hoeflon C10 Spider crane is a compact, versatile crane with a small footprint that we regularly use in tight spaces and on difficult terrain.

Gantry Systems

An overhead crane that can be used to lift heavy loads in situations where a larger crane is impractical, our SL60 tonne gantry system is a versatile and valuable mechanical structure that allows for precision and accuracy when there is limited headroom.

Cube Jacks

Our SCJ-50 Cube jacks are a versatile hydraulic lifting system composed of interlocking steel cubes. Their safety features, including a stable base, precise and controlled lifting, and ease of transport and assembly, make them a valuable tool in our arsenal.


The Hydra-Slide is completely hand-portable, requires limited jacking, and can push or pull up to 150 tons. It’s quite simply one of the most versatile skidding systems ever designed. Ideal for limited clearance or access.

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We take on a all types of work, from small residential jobs to lifting commercial air conditioning units 10 floors up into buildings…

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can hire out our specialist equipment subject to specific requirements, get in touch to find out more details.

A typical contract lifting service would include a comprehensive package consisting of site management, planning, specialized equipment and operators, risk assessment, safety compliance, insurance coverage, post lift inspection and detailed documentation. Finch of Bookham ensures safe and efficient lifting operations, adhering to regulatory standards. Specific inclusions can vary so clients should thoroughly discuss their needs and expectations.