Replacement Generator Delivery

Replacement Generator Delivery, Offloading, and Positioning at a Water Treatment Works

Finch of Bookham successfully completed a complex project at a water treatment works, involving the delivery, offloading, and positioning of a replacement generator and canopy. The project required precise planning and execution to ensure the safe and efficient installation of the new equipment.

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Delivery and Setup

The generator and canopy were delivered to the site. Tracking steels were laid and supported from the generator plinth to the retaining walls. These steels were elevated 25mm from the plinth and retaining wall to bridge the floor slab. In the pit, tracking steels were supported with cribs packed level and 25mm from the floor slab.

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Movement and Positioning of Generator

A lorry loader vehicle, carrying the replacement generator and canopy, arrived on-site and parked outside the doorway of the generator room. The generator was offloaded from the transport and moved into the building via the pre-set tracking steel setup. It was skated across the steels and positioned on the generator plinth. The canopy was similarly offloaded from the transport and moved into the building using the same tracking steel setup.

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Installation and Equipment Removal

We erected our Finch hydraulic gantry over the steels located in the pit. This gantry was supported on Christchurch cribs, with steels required to bridge across the generator plinth. The site allowed us to use the site gantry crane to its maximum capacity. Once the canopy was in front of the plinth, it was lifted with the gantry (approximately 2500mm high) enough to clear the generator. The generator was then skated under the canopy, back over the plinth, and the canopy was lowered onto the generator for others to secure.

Upon completion, we skated the complete containerized generator back onto the plinth. Once all works were finished, all lifting and moving equipment was removed from the building in the reverse procedure.


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