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Finch of Bookham is a leading contract lifting company, providing specialised services for almost 100 years. Our qualified and experienced staff can help with all your contract lifting requirements. We will complete your job safely and to the highest standards.

Contract Lifting and Project Management

For clients who require a job to be achieved from the start of planning through to execution, we offer a full contract lifting and project management solution. Our expertise can manage all Contract Lift scenarios, from Crane Hire, Lorry Loaders, gantries, and all on-site lifting requirements to manage the whole operation, including all planning and organisation.

You will be supplied with a project leader (CPCS Appointed Person) who will conduct the site survey, Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) and job planning. The project leader will be your go-to person, and all operations and alterations will go through this individual. This gives you peace of mind and a dedicated point of contact to help:

  • Manage risk so potential project hazards are identified and mitigated.
  • Ensure your job is executed smoothly and efficiently.
  • Provide quality assurance so that all work complies with industry standards and regulations.

All manpower for the operation will be supplied along with all equipment needed. We have an extensive supply of our own equipment and can acquire any machine for the job.


Planning is paramount to your project’s success. We pride ourselves on extensive preparation to achieve the smoothest possible operation.


Established in 1924, we are a family business with nearly 100 years of expert experience in the transport and lifting services industry.

Specialist Tools

Our vast range of lifting and rigging equipment includes a comprehensive range of capabilities and sizes to meet your project’s needs.

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How We Can Help with Your Contract Lifting Needs

At Finch of Bookham, we take great pride in supplying qualified and highly experienced staff for our contract lifting services to carry out specialised logistics and machine relocations for the public sector, SME’s and local businesses. We deliver bespoke contract lifting solutions which are safe, cost-effective and designed specifically for your project.

Whether you need a single crane or are undertaking a large project that requires a variety of equipment, we will scope out your requirements and help with all your onsite lifting needs. We take on projects across the UK and Internationally, ensuring every project is completed on time, within budget and to a high standard, including the important consideration of health and safety aspects.

Your dedicated Project Leader (CPCS Appointed Person) will be on hand throughout the duration of the project, from site survey to planning and completion. Our experienced vehicle operating team are fully trained and insured and will be available for the project’s duration.

Contract lifting and project management

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Discuss a Project

We like making sure our work is tailored towards your needs. Once we understand the scope of work we can provide an estimate bespoke to your project and budget. 

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Our Contract Lifting Safety Procedures

Lifting operations can potentially be dangerous and complex, so safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with contract lifting. Our fully qualified and insured team will ensure that all Health & Safety guidelines and best practices are followed when operating all specialised lifting equipment.

Our full contract lifting service ensures the responsibility is taken off you when it comes to planning, organising and project managing the operation. All contract lifts are undertaken under the CPA Contract Lift terms and conditions.

We will appoint and provide your dedicated Appointed Person, lift supervisors and signallers to ensure the operation is completed safely and within guidelines. All equipment and machinery are managed by a fully qualified vehicle or crane operator who will work to the required pre-designed Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS).

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What's Included in our Contract Lifting Service?

  • Detailed survey of your lifting operation, including onsite inspection.
  • Dedicated Appointed Person for the duration of the operation.
  • A site-specific job plan, step-by-step method statement and RAMS risk assessment and management to fulfil your legal requirements.
  • Fully trained and qualified lifting team for all cranes and lifting equipment.
  • Liaison with the relevant authorities for road closure and traffic management needs.
  • All valid permits.
  • All specialist equipment.
  • Full insurance.
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Recent Work

We take on a all types of work, from small residential jobs to lifting commercial air conditioning units 10 floors up into buildings…

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between a contract lift and standard crane hire lies in the level of responsibility and control over the lifting operation. In a contract lift, the lifting company takes full responsibility for the entire lifting project, from planning and risk assessment to providing the necessary equipment, personnel, and insurance. The client only needs to specify their requirements. In contrast, standard crane hire involves renting a crane from a company, and the client assumes responsibility for planning, supervising, and executing the lifting operation, including obtaining permits and insurance. A contract lift offers a more comprehensive and managed lifting solution, while standard crane hire requires the client to manage the process themselves.

The duration of a typical contract lifting project varies based on factors such as project size, complexity, site conditions, weather, equipment availability, regulatory approvals, safety precautions, and client requirements. Generally, contract lifting projects can last from a few days to several weeks or even months. More extensive projects or those with numerous lifting tasks may extend to several months. A precise estimate requires consultation with one of our experts with project specifics for assessment and quote.

It is advisable to book a contract lift as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and proper planning. The lead time needed may vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the demand for lifting services in the area, and the schedule of the lifting company. In some cases, booking a few weeks ahead may be sufficient, but for larger or more intricate projects, booking several months in advance is recommended to secure the necessary equipment, personnel, and permits, ensuring a smooth and efficient lifting operation.

In contract lifting, a wide range of specialized lifting equipment is used to execute various lifting tasks safely and efficiently. Some common types of equipment include:

All terrain mobile cranes, self-erecting mobile tower cranes, on site tower cranes, lorry loaders, spider and crawler cranes, gantry systems, jack and slide systems, forklift operations and many more.

The customer would be covered for a minimum of £25,000 as standard for CPA Contract Lifting operations.

However, we can happily offer much larger insurance cover through our premium insurance rate if required