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Finch of Bookham is a leading provider of heavy lifting services for 100 years. From simple to complex projects, we'll ensure your machinery is moved to its new location safely and efficiently.

Specialists in Heavy Lifting Services

At Finch of Bookham, we pride ourselves on being heavy-lifting specialists. Lifting heavy machinery is a specialist job and can lead to serious injury if not completed efficiently and by knowledgeable experts.

As experts in heavy lifting, we will manage your heavy lifting project for you, ensuring your machinery is moved to its new location with safety in mind. Whether you’re undertaking a factory relocation or need to move a small number of heavy machines, our team of experienced and reliable specialists are fully trained to complete your project to the highest standard.


Planning is paramount to your project’s success. We pride ourselves on extensive preparation to achieve the smoothest possible operation.


Established in 1924, we are a family business with nearly 100 years of expert experience in the transport and lifting services industry.

Specialist Tools

Our vast range of lifting and rigging equipment includes a comprehensive range of capabilities and sizes to meet your project’s needs.

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Why Choose Finch of Bookham for Your Heavy Lifting Project?

With nearly 100 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry and having completed many heavy lifting projects across all sizes and scales, we have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of heavy lifting best practices to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely.

No matter the size of your operation, we will provide a full site walk and plan, providing advice, guidance and our specialist knowledge throughout the duration of the lifting project.

We provide a fully bespoke solution to meet your needs, offering a service to safely move your heavy machinery with our fleet of heavy lifting equipment and transport options, which are specially tailored to you.

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We like making sure our work is tailored towards your needs. Once we understand the scope of work we can provide an estimate bespoke to your project and budget. 

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Heavy Lifting Machinery
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What's Included in our Heavy Lifting Service?

  • Detailed survey of your lifting operation, including onsite inspection and risk analysis.
  • A site-specific job plan, step-by-step method statement and RAMS risk assessment and management to fulfil your legal requirements.
  • Fully trained and qualified lifting team with years of experience with all heavy lift equipment.
  • Wide range of transportation vehicles and specialist machine moving equipment.
  • Safe and efficient heavy machinery handling by trained and qualified professionals and drivers.
  • Packaging to ensure safe shipping and damage prevention can be included.
  • All documentation, including customs clearance, if necessary.
  • Liaison with the relevant authorities for road closure and traffic management needs.
  • All valid permits.

Recent Work

We take on a all types of work, from small residential jobs to lifting commercial air conditioning units 10 floors up into buildings…

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on various factors such as the type of heavy lifting, distance and location, labour and crew and any additional services such as rigging or permits which can add to overall cost. To get an accurate quote for heavy lifting services contact us with the details of the project and we can provide you with the cost estimate based on your needs.

Depending on the project and the area surrounding the site we can use a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the client. Our equipment varies from Gantry system, Cube jacks, Spider crane, various HIABs all the way to forklifts.

Although there are many examples of a ‘heavy lift’ a prime example is the installation of a large industrial generator onto the rooftop of a commercial building. The task involves specialized machinery or lifting equipment to hoist the generator, which can weigh several tons, to a significant height and then precisely position it on the rooftop. This requires careful planning, coordination and the expertise of experienced heavy lift operators to ensure the safe and accurate placement of the heavy equipment.