Engine Replacement - Southampton Hospital, Hampshire

W.Finch were contracted to offer a turnkey solution to carry out the exchange CHP plant in the energy centre at Southampton Hospital.

Working in the live environment of a hospital, one of the main considerations was to keep the ring road open around the Hospital so worked a scheme using our Hydraulic Gantry System and a 25m reach Hiab. This eliminated a mobile crane standing in the middle of the road, and also allowed us to consolidate the loads an deliver them to site as they were called off.

The old 36 Ton engine was skated from the building and lifted with the gantry from the doorway to eliminate excessive point loads on the unpredictable ground. The gantry was then taken inside the building to lower the 5 ton silencer from the ceiling.

The replacement 20 Ton engine was collected from the manufacturers on Friday afternoon and delivered, offloaded and positioned on Saturday by noon. Lowering into the plant room was done via the Hydraulic Eco Ramp on our new, very versatile Broshuis trailer.

DAC's were delivered and lifted into position with Hiab vehicle, again to minimise cranes and lorries blocking the road. The Hiab delivered the new DAC's to site and carried the old DAC's from site for safe disposal. Changeover completed within one shift, again maintaining access around the ring road.

Air Handling Units - Newham Hospital, London

W. Finch were contracted to offer a package to supply a logistics package to Newham Hospital to changeover 9 Air Handling Units within the roof level plant rooms. The works were to be carried out over 3 weekends in 3 locations within an occupied building. The redundant AHU's were cut up broken down into sections to be manoeuvred through double doors. The replacement AHU's were sized to suit the doorways and built in situ using mobile gantries. Loading platforms and ramps had to be sized and manufactured outside the plant room doorways. Some of these were on 3rd party property, therefore attention towards protecting the fabric of the building and plant within the vicinity was vital. With the job being situated amongst the centre of the hospital, we worked closely with the client and the site to manage traffic and pedestrian safety.


Following the renovation of the iconic Concorde model from Heathrow airport at Brooklands Museum, W.Finch we contracted to relocate it from within the museum to the front entrance where it is standing proud again.

Given the sensitivity of the job we worked closely with the Museum, Health and safety personnel and neighbouring businesses to find a route out of the museum onto the public highway at 10m wide.

As well as full 'Contract Lift' craneage and transport, we removed and reinstated street furniture, as required and carried out fabrication to modify the steelwork it currently sits on. All completed within a 10 hour shift from 15:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

Chiller installation

W.Finch was contracted by the manufacturer to deliver, offload and position 3 x 10 ton water cooled chillers to the basement of an occupied building in London, WC2. It was perceived that they would have to be stripped down into component form, which would extend the time frame and budget on the job which proved to be inconceivable. After a few lengthy meetings we devised a solution which meant they could be moved in one piece giving a more realistic time schedule the manufacturer could offer their client. The chillers we delivered into our warehouse from overseas and stored until site was ready. Engineers carried out modifications to the chillers whilst in our warehouse, then during a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday shift all 3 chillers were in the basement and ready to be connected. We worked with the site to minimise the disruption to the building tenant, and closely with the structural engineers to ensure we met the specific floor loading requirements.

AVK Generator Installation

W Finch were contracted to offload and position 8 Generator sets into a new data centre in London. W.Finch worked with the manufacturer, installation engineers, client and landlord to ensure the task was completed within time allowed, with minimum disruption to the site and surrounding businesses. W.Finch supplied 'Contract Lift' crane hire, road closures, permits and lifting and moving equipment to offload and position 18 ton Generators, fuel tanks, switch gear and radiators from European haulage and position within the building in two 8 hour shifts.

Linde Cryoplants Ltd - Aldershot

W.Finch were contracted to load this Nitrogen plant in Hampshire on to suitable sea freight. The Cold Box which stands 18.3m tall, weighing 24 tons requires tandem lifting, and laying over. Slingers need to access the slinging points which are 18.3m from the ground in a Bosun's chair. Planning is paramount when carrying out tasks such as tandem and personnel lifting, and as W.Finch are required on a regular basis to plan and effect intricate lifts, they are expanding their knowledge and experience. The remainder of the plant consisted of 2 x 24ton Warm End Skids and 2 x 40' containers of associated plant. All loaded and dispatched in one 8 hour shift. 

Boiler Relocation London - Birmingham

W.Finch were contracted to relocate an industrial boiler from a laundry in London to Birmingham. When a boiler fails in a laundry, time is of the essence. W.Finch reacted fast and had transport and riggers on site in London within hours. The relocation was to include the removal of a 17 ton boiler from it's current operating position in the plant room & contract crane lift onto low loader transport. The boiler was offloaded and repositioned in into the new plant room in Birmingham within 24 hours.

Air Conditioning - Swindon

W. Finch were contracted to deliver air conditioning plant to Swnidon, and crane lift them into position within a plant area. All equipment was collected prior to this from France and Plymouth, held in store,and delivered to Swindon on a Saturday morning. The aperture in the roof for the new chillers was insufficient. W. Finch designed, built and tested a bespoke lifting frame which was used to rotate & manoevre the chillers through 90 degrees allowing them to be lowered through the roof opening and into postion. Whilst the operation was very time consuming, the lifting frame eliminated the need for serious disruption to the building and its services.

The Hilton Hotel, Nec, Birmingham

W. Finch were contracted to remove a commercial ironing machine from the laundry of The Hilton Hotel, NEC, Birmingham. With the doorways openings being insufficient, W. Finch assisted engineers to strip it into 4 individual 6 ton components, build ramps, and maneuver over a 1m window sill. The Hilton said they were impressed with the efficiency and attention to detail towards the public, especially as the work took place at the entrance to the Hotel.